Journaling Workshops

Self Discovery Through Journaling ~ Workshops with Rebecca 

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Journaling is a rich and powerful tool for self-discovery and healing. Through the written word we’re able to visit ourselves and discover deep personal truths. This process allows us to access our subconscious in ways we may not have known were available to us.

Workshops are conducted in safe and intimate spaces where we can connect deeply with our own inner wisdom. The workshops take place over three hours with plenty of time to delve deep and explore the inner riches that are craving discovery. In these sessions we touch our deepest desires and explore those things we hold up as our biggest blockers. We will have conversations with our younger selves and imagine our lives exactly as we’d wish them to be. The act of writing helps us bring important themes into the light of our consciousness so we can begin to acknowledge them and heal their presence within us.

These workshops begin powerful shifts and bring new light to our personal and creative desires.

Formal workshops are held locally, or can we can bring them to your location.

Schedule one for your group of friends or local organization.

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“The Journaling Workshop was amazing.  I have not been one to journal much, but with the inspirations and questions that were given us, I found that I was writing as much as time allowed.  We were given so much good material and were inspired to new thinking and creativity.  We touched on subjects that spoke to the heart and made us think about what was important in our daily living.  The workshop was shared with authenticity and gentle guidance. It was a very fulfilling workshop.”  — Charlene K

“After taking Rebecca’s Journal Writing Workshop, my own journal practice has been enriched. I write daily and successfully use many of her creative exercises. I highly recommend her class. Rebecca is a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker.  Her journaling workshop is engaging, fun and full of practical ideas.” — Beth D

“Attending Rebecca’s events — from The Women’s Retreat to her Jounaling Workshop has been very inspiring and uplifting. She is a very gentle loving spirit and her authenticity shines through. The women who attend these events are equally divine. and I love the sharing moments that are added to the experience.I have been looking for more opportunities to manifest works of heart and spend time with those that make my spirit soar —  this experience did just that, and absolutely delighted me!”   — Kelli S


“Honor your uniqueness, yet understand that each is unique in different ways. I write in order to discover myself.”  ~~ Maya Angelou

 “Listen. Make a way for yourself inside yourself.” ~~ Rumi