Women’s Wisdom Workshop: Self-discovery through journaling

writing image

Workshop Details: September 17, 2017 – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm – 699 Glenside Dr. Lafayette – $25

Journaling is a rich and powerful tool for self-discovery and healing. Through the written word we’re able to visit ourselves and discover deep personal truths. This process allows us to access our subconscious in ways we may not have known were available to us.

In this relaxing afternoon workshop session, we will spend time discovering our deepest desires and exploring our biggest blockers. We will have conversations with our younger selves and imagine our lives exactly as we’d wish them to be. The act of writing helps us bring important themes into the light of our consciousness so we can begin to acknowledge them and heal their presence within us.

Please join us for this special workshop that will begin powerful shifts within you and bring new light to your personal and creative desires.

Come! Spark some interesting internal conversations and see what journaling can do for you!

Reserve your spot at this link:

“Honor your uniqueness, yet understand that each is unique in different ways. I write in order to discover myself.”  ~~ Maya Angelou

 “Listen. Make a way for yourself inside yourself.” ~~ Rumi



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