Spirit Renewal Retreat

April 21- 24  ::   Four Springs Resort   ::   Middletown, CA   ::   renewal retreat.2016

SPIRIT RENEWAL RETREAT – Healing Through Creativity.

Come join with like-minded women in a safe and sacred space for a weekend of creative expression, spiritual growth, renewal and communion.

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Take part in a beautiful regimen of daily detox, creative workshops, soul-seeking & inspirational art and music. Express your soul longings and feel free to soar. Share your growth and be uplifted by the spirits of your sister seekers. You will come away renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Each soul longs to express itself creatively. Creative expression is a powerful form of healing and one of the best ways to renew our spirits. Creativity comes through all spirit beings whether you call yourself creative or not. Unfortunately, our society with its focus on perfection and competition, makes us feel as if our individual expressions are lacking because they seem not to measure up to others who are more celebrated. Yet, deep inside we can hear the calling, the desire to create a physical reflection of our souls – whether that is through writing, imagery, dance or song. Our spirits know that every individual expression is beautiful and worthy.

Through the act of creation we partner with source to bring beauty and meaning to the world. We follow our creative sessions with Circle discussions — these deepen our understanding of each other, our creations, our creator, ourselves and our world. This retreat will fill you up through emptying you out. Pour out your soul and express pure beauty from deep within. Join us for this magical weekend — renew your spirit.

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